Social networking sites top complaints’ list

In its six-month report covering the first half of 2011, Greek Internet watchdog SafeLine notes a sharp spike in the number of complaints concerning social networking websites.

Of the 1,807 complaints called into the hotline, 31 percent were about the popular site Facebook, led by charges that users? personal details were not sufficiently protected, and that they had suffered personal or sexual harassment.

Unwanted spam and phishing e-mails, used to siphon passwords and other protected data, also ranked high on the list of complaints, at 27 percent, while 15 percent of complainants called in about leaked personal data. Vilification and slander concerned 13 percent of complaints, racism 6 percent, and child pornography 5 percent.

SafeLine, which is a member of the INHOPE Internet Watch Foundation that will be investigating the child pornography charges, said it has contacted the administrators of Facebook to report its findings.