Gov’t spokesman expects a deal by Sunday night

Government spokesman Ilias Mossialos said on Sunday morning he expects an agreement on a new government and the new prime minister by the end of the day.

Speaking on state television, Mossialos said that ?by tonight we need to have reached an agreement on a coalition government and have the name of the next prime minister. I believe that is possible. Everything must be completed by the middle of the new week.?

He went on to hint that Papandreou will be part of the negotiating process as the head of PASOK.

The Communist Party said in the afternoon that a cooperation government by the two main parties is already on its way, promising to go against the policy that contravenes the people?s will, as it suggested.

LAOS leader Giorgos Karatzaferis called on former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis to intervene and convince Samaras to consent to a coalition government: ?A Karamanlis intervention would act as a catalyst,? he told reporters, in a statement dimissed by New Democracy deputies as a clear intevention in their party’s internal affairs.