Pangalos eyes truce between people and politicians

Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos expressed on Saturday the hope that one day politicians will be able to cross Syntagma Square without running the risk of getting beaten up.

Pangalos, who remained at his post as the government changed, told state television that he looks forward to an improvement in therelationshuip between the politicians and the people.

He also said the question that was to be posed at the referendum proposed by George Papandreou on October 31 would not have been easily understood by the people, stressing that the decision about a referendum was a wrong one.

He added that referendums in general constitute an anathema as far as the European Union is concerned.

Pangalos noted that there is no margin for the new government?s effort to be undermined and went on to suggest that the existing political parties may evolve into something new, arguing that parties are not eternal.

Meanwhile, International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde expressed her satisfaction with the political developments in Greece as well as in Italy.

?Both in Greece and in Italy there has been significant progress during the debt crisis. What we wish for at the IMF is the political stability and clarity in these countries. Important progress has now become reality,? the French politician told journalists in Japan.