New group claims responsibility for firebombings

A previously unknown group calling itself «Zero Tolerance Organization» claimed responsibility Thursday for three firebomb attacks targeting Greek politicians.

In a statement posted on the alternative news website Indymedia, the group called on Greeks to «do away with the system,» saying the economic and political crisis and «the occupation of the country by the troika» — the ECB, the EU and the IMF — were proof of its failure.

Quoting French author Victor Hugo, it called on European people to «eliminate poverty» by getting rid of «all the parasites» and advocated a «general strike, occupations, confrontations … and self-organizing in neighborhoods and workplaces.”

Zero Tolerance claimed responsibility for one attack on November 14 and two on December 13 that damaged the offices of deputy European affairs minister Mariliza Xenoyannakopoulos, Justice Minister Miltiadis Papaioannou and Socialist lawmaker Vasso Papandreou. No one was hurt in the attacks.

The incendiary devices made of gas canisters were placed overnight outside the offices, a method in frequent use in recent years by what the police say are anarchist groups.

The frequency diminished after the arrest of around 15 suspected members of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, considered the leading anarchist group.

The December 13 attacks occurred the day before the start of the trial of four of the suspects.

Zero Tolerance expressed solidarity with the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei as well as with the group Revolutionary Struggle, considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the EU.

Eight suspected members of that far-left group are standing trial for around 15 attacks since 2003. No one was killed in the attacks. [AFP]

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