KEELPNO denies that KPC is causing more deaths

Greece?s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) has played down a report suggesting Greek hospitals are having trouble fighting a pneumonia-causing superbug that is resistant to most antibiotics.

A report by the Bloomberg news agency claimed that ?the hospital-acquired germ killed as many as half of people with blood cancers infected at Laiko General Hospital.?

However, KEELPNO said there were only 0.1 cases of the drug-resistant K. pneumoniae bacteria (also known as KPC) for every 1,000 patients in 2011.

KEELPNO said that Greece is one of the world?s leading countries in terms of study of KPC.

?Infections from this bacteria are observed in heavily ill patients with serious underlying illnesses which have a high rate of mortality anyway,? added KEELPNO.