Court rules Badminton Theater, built for 2004 Olympics, is illegal

One of the venues built for the 2004 Olympics in Athens will have to be knocked down because it is illegal, according to a ruling from the Council of State.

Greece?s highest administrative court has ruled that the arena, which was used for badminton during the Games and has since been turned into a theater, contravenes building regulations. The court judged that construction of the arena in Goudi Park, eastern Athens, was permitted in 2002 on the basis that the structure would be temporary. The permit was reviewed in 2005, when authorities decided to allow the building to become a permanent fixture in the park.

However, the judges ruled that this decision was taken without considering the impact that the permanent presence of an entertainment venue would have on the park. Local residents? groups had filed complaints in 2006, asking for the building to be knocked down. The firm currently renting the property has a 20-year lease.