Teacher filmed pupils in secret

A 42-year-old elementary school teacher arrested two-and-a-half years ago following the discovery of material featuring child pornography at his home in the Aghios Pavlos suburb of Thessaloniki is also alleged to have been videotaping his pupils using a camera in his classroom.

According to police officers on the electronic crimes squad, the suspect had 80 videos on his computer featuring teenagers being sexually abused. Sources said the teacher had set up a camera in his classroom in such a way as to video pupils? underwear without them knowing, suggesting that the camera may have been placed under a desk or on the floor.

A police raid of the suspect?s home in January 2010 had turned up a laptop and five computer hard drives containing countless photographs and videos showing adolescents being sexually exploited. The new material, from the classroom camera, has been forwarded to a Thessaloniki prosecutor.