Troika’s ‘prior actions’ pass into Greek law

Parliament on Monday approved a series of “prior actions” demanded by the troika in exchange for further rescue loans though a provision for the imposition of labor law changes squeezed through after deputies of the coalition’s junior partner Democratic Left opposed it.

A multi-bill, tightening the budgets of state-controlled firms and ministries, deregulating certain economic sectors and reducing the salaries of parliamentary staff in line with cuts to those of other civil servants passed with 166 votes to 123, with one MP voting present and 10 absent.

A provision for the imposition of a new law giving private sector employers greater freedom to dismiss staff was supported by just 151 MPs.

The prior actions were to be imposed as legislative acts that do not require parliamentary approval but the opposition objected. Another controversial provision is an amendment to Greece’s loan deal. SYRIZA claims it surrenders the country’s rights to protect its assets but the coalition contends that such action would need the approval of Greek courts.