SYRIZA looks to overhaul of ‘oligopolistic’ media

The main leftist opposition SYRIZA aims to outline its vision of an overhaul of Greece’s media industry, which it broadly condemns for following the line of the country’s coalition government and the latter’s austerity program, at a seminar on Monday.

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras is to set out his party’s proposals for «a framework for radical changes to information.» According to SYRIZA deputy Vassilis Moulopoulos, the official responsible for media-related issues, the leftist party aims to break the «oligopolistic» nature of the Greek news media and «the monopolistic system of issuing television licenses.»

Most major media in Greece have «transformed into the ideological arm of the parties of the memorandum,» Moulopoulos said, referring to Greece’s loan agreement with its foreign creditors.