ND says SYRIZA trying to trigger September unrest

New Democracy accused SYRIZA on Friday of trying to stoke public sentiment ahead of September, when the troika will return to Athens and the government will have to complete the first phase of its mobility scheme.

The conservatives reacted after a SYRIZA member and former parliamentary candidate for the leftist party, Andreas Karayiannis, wrote on his Facebook page that, during August, people should collect “rocks, clubs, bricks, marble, iron, rope and lighters to use in September to fight back against state violence.”

Karayiannis has made headlines in the past for his outspoken comments but this time he prompted an immediate response from New Democracy. “SYRIZA is aiming to create general unrest and turmoil in the country in September in order to derail it from its course toward exiting the crisis,” said the conservative party, which called on leftist leader Alexis Tsipras to oust Karayiannis.

SYRIZA responded by accusing New Democracy of taking the party member’s words out of context and trying to divert people’s attention from their day-to-day problems.

Earlier, SYRIZA MP Panayiotis Lafazanis had pledged to restore to their positions all the employees being transferred from the Defense Ministry. Lafazanis accused the government of putting the country’s security at risk by moving experienced staff from their posts.