Red tape to blame for convicted murderes still recieving salaries, says Paggaio mayor

Bureaucratic and judicial delays are to blame for two municipal workers convicted of murder still receiving half of their salaries, Vassilis Xoulogis, the mayor of Paggaio in northeastern Greece, told Kathimerini.

Xoulogis commented after a Wall Street Journal report on the two civil servants, who murdered late Paggaio Mayor Triantafyllos Koukidis in December 2009.

The civil servants are still receiving wages as they have appealed their sentences. Xoulogis said their appeal should have been heard in June but was put off due to a strike. It is now due in January. He added that the Kallikratis local authority overhaul in 2010 also halted the internal disciplinary process. The two convicts have until November 15 to appeal their sackings.