Kammenos alleges SDOE may have blackmailed MPs

Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos, who saw two of his MPs quit the anti-bailout party this week, accused the government on Thursday of using the Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) to exercise influence over his lawmakers.

Speaking to ANT1 TV, Kammenos claimed that the “shadow state” had contributed to SDOE running checks on the finances of several of his deputies. The former New Democracy politician claimed that this was probably the reason behind the departure Chrysoula Gaitagana and Costas Giovanopoulos. The party leader said that a hotel owned by Giovanopoulos’s father-in-law recently came under scrutiny.

“If they have been blackmailed, they should come out and say so,” Kammenos said of the MPs. He also accused another former deputy, Giorgos Davris, of “operating as [Prime Minister Antonis] Samaras’s man inside Independent Greeks.” Davris left the party in January.