NERIT in fresh upheaval after another official resigns

Another member of the supervisory council of NERIT tendered his resignation on Friday in protest at alleged government intervention in the operation of the state broadcaster.

Andreas Zoulas said it was the duty of those on NERIT’S board to “do our legally imposed duty and condemn government interventions and the unacceptable conditions of operation at NERIT.” His resignation was expected to be followed by that of Tatiana Karapanagioti, another member of NERIT’s supervisory board.

The upheaval on Friday followed the resignations last month of NERIT’s CEO Antonis Makrydimitris, his deputy Rodolfos Moronis and Christos Chomenidis, another member of the supervisory board. Chomenidis questioned the independence of the board and suggested that it was being undermined by “decisions taken elsewhere, by others” while Moronis also lashed out at the political leadership that installed NERIT’S board. “If you declare that you want to create something independent, objective and of good quality but you don’t mean it, don’t assign the job to someone who does,” he said.

The mass departures of NERIT board members last month sparked criticism but Parliament’s institutions and transparency committee turned down the opportunity to investigate the resignations.