UK know-how sent to Rhodes

To the average beer-befuddled visitor to Faliraki it might sound a bit rich. A British police officer named Andy Rhodes is to visit the island of Rhodes next week for talks with local police on controlling drunken UK tourists, The Associated Press reported yesterday. The AP quoted Police Superintendent Rhodes, who specializes in dealing with drunken behavior, as telling Britain’s Channel 4 news on Thursday that the problem could be addressed to a certain extent by installing closed-circuit TV cameras and cutting down on alcohol promotion. The focus of the trouble is the seaside resort of Faliraki on Rhodes, where matters came to a head last week when a 17-year-old Briton was fatally slashed with a broken bottle during a drunken nightclub brawl. A fellow UK national has been charged with the murder. Meanwhile, tourism authorities said yesterday they would reward with a free holiday in Greece two Dutch tourists who handed over to the police a bag containing 10,953 euros they found at a Cretan resort on Thursday.