ND set to cut civil sector slack but keep the slackers

New Democracy will eliminate some 4,000 ostensibly redundant services and legal entities in the public sector, from an estimated 20,000, when it comes to power, ND leader Costas Karamanlis is to say in a speech at the Thessaloniki Trade Fair next month. Karamanlis, sources say, will make the announcement in his speech on September 14 as part of the conservatives’ promise to «Reconstitute the State.» However, mindful of the elections that must be held by next May, Karamanlis will also promise that no civil servants will be sacked because of the shakeup. They will be moved to services where their talents are in greater need. Karamanlis will promise less bureaucracy and better services for citizens, an improved civil servants’ code with incentives for productivity, a strengthening of the authority of general directors and support for local authorities.