Two gynecologists arrested in Athens on bribery charges

Greek authorities have arrested two gynecologists in Athens on charges of bribery and blackmail for allegedly demanding money in order to perform surgery.

Police said they arrested a 64-year-old doctor following an investigation prompted by a complaint from a patient.

According to the complaint, the gynecologist initially demanded 900 euros to perform an operation at the state clinic where he worked.

The amount was eventually reduced to 700 euros following negotiations with a 45-year-old gynecologist who worked as a mediator.

The patient then allegedly met with the 45-year-old and handed her 700 euros in marked bills.

Police also arrested two more suspects, Romanians aged 40 and 45, for allegedly obstructing the investigation by trying to destroy the evidence.

Authorities also confiscated medicine, medical instruments and illegally obtained files with the names of patients at the state hospital.