Russians still want Gusinsky

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russia will send Greece, within 10 days, an official request for the extradition of Russian former media tycoon Vladimir Gusinsky, a Kremlin foe wanted on fraud charges, a spokesman for the Russian general prosecutor’s office said late on Friday. Gusinsky, 51, who holds both Russian and Israeli nationality, was arrested on a Russian arrest warrant at Athens Airport on August 21. The Council of Appeals Court Judges on Friday released him on a 100,000-euro bail, pending a decision on his possible extradition to Russia, where he is wanted for allegedly swindling state-dominated gas giant Gazprom out of $250 million (230 million euros). Despite hints to the contrary from Greek officials, the Russian general prosecutor’s office is determined to «demand his extradition within the law everywhere in the world,» spokesman Alexander Zhumaty was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency. «Soon, within a week and a half, documents… will be sent to Greece,» he said, adding that the delay was due to the need to translate the request into Greek.