Deadly Lefkada quake also damages buildings on Cephalonia


Ten buildings were condemned on Tuesday on the Ionian holiday island of Cephalonia after suffering extensive damage from a deadly earthquake earlier in the day off the coast of nearby Lefkada.

The 9.10 a.m. quake, measuring between 6.1 and 6.3 on the Richter scale, rattled all the Ionian islands and was felt all the way in Athens and Thessaloniki, several hundred kilometers away.

In Lefkada it caused the death of two women in their homes, as well as widespread damage to the road network and to several buildings, though inspections are still ongoing to determine the extent of the destruction.

In Cephalonia, much of the damage was limited to the village of Erissos on the island’s north. Tuesday’s quake also flattened two buildings in the port town of Lixouri which had been condemned after a destructive earthquake in 2014.