Mitsotakis spurs strategic rethink within PASOK


The election of Kyriakos Mitsotakis as New Democracy leader and his expected overture to the right as well as the left of his conservative party has triggered a strategic rethink within the PASOK socialists.

PASOK chief Fofi Gennimata, who recently proposed the establishment of a center-left alliance under a leader elected by the party base, wants to see an accentuation of the right-left ideological divide between PASOK and ND.

Skeptics, including PASOK’s ex-chief Evangelos Venizelos, fear that this policy could bring the Socialists too close to Alexis Tsipras’s ruling SYRIZA party.

Equally uncomfortable for the Venizelos camp, the move would in all probability bring George Papandreou, now leader of the minor KIDISO party, closer to PASOK.

A new center-left party, PASOK sources say, could also lure cadres from Potami.

The divided centrist party will hold its congress in late February.