Accountant accused of cheating social security fund out of 385,000 euros


A 59-year-old is facing charges of cheating the IKA social security fund out of 385,000 euros in benefits by falsely declaring activity for a business that had closed.

The investigation into the suspect's movements was conducted by the police's electronics crime squad after it was alerted by staff at IKA who noticed that activity statements were being submitted on a regular basis from 2012 to 2014 for a business that had been declared closed since 2011.

The statements, believed to have been submitted by the accountant, ensured that individuals listed as being on the company’s payroll received regular health and pension coverage as well as additional benefits like holiday bonuses.

The damage to the cash-strapped fund is calculated at 385,000 euros.

A search of the suspect’s home on Monday allegedly uncovered evidence of his illegal transactions on his personal computer. Investigators suspect the 59-year-old may be involved in other cases of fraud against the state, police said in an announcement on Tuesday.