Opportunists harm politics

Recently, we had a repetition of a familiar story in which some cadres of the renewed Left appear to have been lured away by PASOK siren calls. How much will this harm the Left Coalition in the elections? There is no doubt that this is a regrettable phenomenon that does in fact harm us. But not only us. There are people who put their personal agendas above ideas and values everywhere, in all camps and political parties. As far as we are concerned, we have shown that we have nothing to do with such phenomena. On this specific issue, we have often had very heated clashes with PASOK. For these phenomena of opportunism, the main blame rests with those who encourage them and who try to present it as acceptable and useful behavior. But in the end, they only harm politics in general, and then they themselves have to suffer the consequences. Giving politics the priority and credibility it deserves calls for a new conception of responsibility, morality and consistency in politics.