Police smash gambling ring hosting clients in luxury suburban homes


Officers of the Greek Police’s organized crime unit have smashed a huge criminal ring that was running an illegal electronic gambling service out of rented luxury homes in the southern and northern suburbs of Athens, Alternate Citizens’ Protection Minister Nikos Toskas told a press conference Friday. He said that 128 suspects have been arrested, mostly Taiwanese nationals.

The crackdown started on Thursday following a month-and-a-half long investigation which culminated in the arrest of 125 foreign nationals and three Greeks.

The racket’s leadership is believed to have comprised 18 people including a Greek man who works as a real estate agent. Officers traced the racket’s activities to five rented properties from which they confiscated 150,000 euros in cash and computer equipment.

The ring had installed close circuit televisions outside the five homes to monitor who came in and out of the premises.