Former TV boss, far-right deputy trade barbs during media funding probe


Strong words were exchanged on Thursday during a parliamentary committee probe into media funding between former Alpha TV owner Dimitris Kontominas (photo) and far-right Golden Dawn deputy Ilias Kasidiaris, with the latter calling the former an “idiot” and a “clown.”

Kasidiaris accused Kontominas of biased coverage of the neo-Nazi party, with the former broadcaster responding, “If we had shown everything that Golden Dawn has done, you’d be finished.”

Kasidiaris also made insinuations about Kontominas’s personal finances, asking him whether he was on the so-called Lagarde list of Greeks with undeclared bank accounts in Geneva.

Kontominas responded to the tacit accusations by referring twice to Kasidiaris as “mister nobody.”

The two men have filed suits against each other in the past.