Europol sending team to root out jihadists at migrant camps


Europol’s director, Rob Wainwright, has announced that a team of 200 counterterrorism officers will be deployed to the Greek islands over the next few weeks to track down jihadists trying to enter Europe by posing as migrants or refugees.

In an interview published in the UK’s Evening Standard on Friday, Wainwright said the agency is responding to increased concern over reports that Islamic fundamentalists are using fake documents to enter into Europe.

“The officers will, on rotation, be deployed to the Greek islands, maybe Italy. There will be a second line of defense. We hope to deploy some into the camps where the refugees, the asylum seekers, are being held,” Wainwright said.

He added that there have been reports that extremists are aiming to radicalize migrants and refugees at reception centers in Greece and the Balkans.