Police to examine telephone records of slain Greek lawyer


Police investigating the killing of lawyer Michalis Zafeiropoulos last week have been poring over evidence gathered from the scene of the crime in a bid to determine the killers’ motives.

Although police initially suspected a contract killing, they now believe the two perpetrators, who entered Zafeiropoulos’s office just before he was shot to death, had probably intended to threaten him in connection with a case.

Authorities have requested access to the phone records of the slain lawyer in a bid to gain insights into conversations that might shed light on the circumstances that led to his death.

According to sources, during the suspects’ conversation with Zafeiropoulos on Thursday evening, they referred to a case he had undertaken, the Energa-Hellas Power embezzlement affair, that has been linked to an attempted contract killing of another lawyer, Giorgos Antonopoulos. Zafeiropoulos was buried Saturday at a funeral attended by several politicians.