Bill sees traffic offenders being hit where it hurts


Traffic code violators will only pay what they can afford under new regulations announced on Monday by Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis, who argued that plans to peg the size of fines to violators’ tax declarations are designed to crack down on wealthy offenders who aren’t fazed by existing fines.

“Fines need to be adapted according to income in order to ensure that they have maximum impact,” a ministry source said.

The legislation, to be submitted to MPs for approval in the next few days, will include additional changes such as new violation categories, such as antisocial behavior, as well as penalties that carry no financial cost.

According to the new rules, violations will be ranked according to hazard risk in three categories, each carrying corresponding penalties. A significant number of violations will not incur a cash fine, but will be punishable with the revocation of the driver’s license or license plates for up to several months. There is also a three-strike rule whereby the offender will need to retake the driving test if caught breaking certain rules for a third time.