No evidence of cholera outbreak at Athens hospital, KEELPNO says


The Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) on Thursday would not confirm reports claiming that there had been an outbreak of cholera at the Helena Venizelou maternity hospital.

In a statement, KEELPNO said that laboratory tests conducted so far had not provided evidence of the cholera bacterium and that the center had not recorded any cases of cholera.

KEELPNO’s statement came a day after POEDIN, the national union of public hospital workers alleged that the cholera bacteria had been found at the Helena Venizelou.

The union claimed that the bacteria had been found in water samples at the hospital and in its basement food store.

The Health Ministry also issued an angry statement, accusing the union of “political scumbaggery, vulgarity, disseminating fake news and terrorizing the public.”