Justice minister requests probe into delays concerning Noor 1 case


Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis on Tuesday requested a Supreme Court disciplinary investigation into delays in the implementation of a court ruling relating to the 2014 smuggling of some 2 tons of heroin into Greece on the Noor 1 container ship.

Kontonis wrote to Supreme Court President Vassilis Peppas and prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou asking why after 17 months since an August 2016 ruling by the Three-Member Felony Appeals Court of Piraeus, the court’s decision has not yet been formalized. The court has also come under scrutiny for the lenient sentences it allegedly upheld.

According to the court, 17 of the 32 defendants in the case where exonerated and none were found guilty of running the operation that brought 2 tons of heroin into Greece from the United Arab Emirates.