Far-right protesters, PAOK fans linked to arson attack on former squat


An investigation by the Thessaloniki security police indicates that members of far-right groups and fans of the northern city's PAOK soccer club appear to be behind an arson attack on a former squat in Thessaloniki over the weekend.

A video said to be in the hands of authorities shows banners with far-right slogans and individuals wearing the PAOK insignia.

The same video appears to show the assailants lobbing smoke bombs into the derelict building where a fire can be seen igniting shortly afterwards.

The arson attack took place on Sunday when thousands of people joined a demonstration in the northern port against the use of the word Macedonia in a solution to a name dispute between Athens and Skopje.

On the sidelines of that rally there were minor skirmishes when nationalists approached a much smaller counter-rally by self-styled anarchists.

It appears that the skirmish happened close to the derelict building which had formely been used as a squat by anarchists but was recently abandoned due to structural problems.