Prosecutors searching for evidence of politicians accepting bribes in Novartis case


The anti-corruption prosecutors who are dealing with the Novartis case are trying to find evidence of bribes being paid to politicians.

So far, there are only statements from the three protected witnesses linking politicians to the alleged bribes paid by the Swiss pharmaceutical giant to secure preferential treatment.

According to sources, anti-corruption prosecutors, headed by Eleni Touloupaki, are focussing on the bank accounts of the politicians’ advisers and associates. They are also searching for companies that may have been used as conduits for illegal payments.

A judicial source revealed on Tuesday that based on the investigation so far, no evidence of politicians accepting bribes has been found. The source added that Greek authorities do not have possession of any audio or video evidence that proves any politician accepted money from the firm.

The sources added that this does not mean evidence will not be found as part of the probe currently being carried out.