March toll on Attica’s roads at 19 deaths, 13 serious injuries


Nineteen people were killed and 13 injured seriously in a total of 502 traffic accidents on the roads of Attica in March alone, figures published by the Hellenic Police (ELAS) on Tuesday have shown.

The deaths occurred in as many accidents and the serious injuries in 12 crashes, according to the figures, which also showed 557 lighter injuries having been sustained in another 471 accidents.

Careless driving and violations of red lights, stops signs and right-of-way were the leading causes of crashes in March, the data indicated, while jaywalking and the failure to wear a helmet also contributed to fatalities and injuries.

Over the same one-month period, ELAS recorded 24,281 violations, foremost among which concerned driving over the speed limit (19,40), failure to wear a helmet (1,127) and talking on a mobile phone while driving (876).