New driving exam bill seeks to safeguard transparency


The practical part of driving tests will take place over two days, instead of one, while the procedure will be filmed, according to a new draft bill that seeks to safeguard the transparency of the process. 

This audiovisual data, which examiners will be able to consult, will remain confidential. 

Moreover, those taking the exam will not be allowed to have their mobile phones or any other communication devices with them, while the candidate’s driving instructor will also have to step out of the car during the procedure. 

The new bill also foresees candidates being allowed to start driving on the roads at 17 – once they pass the theoretical exam – under the supervision of an experienced driver who has had no points deducted from their license. 

The candidate must have driven under supervision for at least six months or 100 hours before he or she can sit for the practical exam when they turn 18.