Thessaloniki authorities deal with fallout of floods, water quality problems


Efforts were under way on Friday to restore water supplies to Thessaloniki after a heavy downpour on Thursday affected the quality of local drinking water.

The city's water board (EYATH) was temporarily suspending water supplies in different parts of the city – chiefly the center and western districts – as efforts proceeded to improve the quality.

Hospitals received emergency supplies.

In a statement, EYATH referred to an "increased cloudiness" in the water supply, the exact causes of which were being investigated.

Supply was expected to have returned to normal in most parts by the early afternoon.

Meanwhile efforts were also under way to deal with the fallout of Thursday's heavy downpour which flooded hundreds of basement homes and stores.

The local fire service had received more than 450 calls by Friday morning to pump water out of flooded properties. 

A woman who had gone missing on Thursday afternoon after being swept down a Thessaloniki street by torrential floodwaters was found safe and well later in the day.