New era of fires threatens the world as a whole, says Goldammer


Vision is needed to tackle the increasing threat that fires pose for the world, the director of the Global Fire Observation Center has told Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“I think we all, including Greece, are entering an era that is determined by a number of factors, where these fires are becoming a bigger threat to all of us. And, indeed, this is where we have to look to develop visions, but also policies and strategies, to deal with these issues,” said Johann Georg Goldammer.

Goldammer, who has been tasked with leading an independent investigation into last month’s deadly fires in eastern Attica that left 96 dead, met with the prime minister at the latter’s office on Thursday.

Promising the government’s help to the commission’s work, Tsipras said he looked forward to hearing its proposals “in order to protect the Greek people from such catastrophes in the future.”