Education Ministry says fire compensation released to Crete University students


The Education Ministry issued a statement on Sunday, saying that 184,000 euros has been paid out to students who suffered losses in a recent fire on the grounds of the University of Crete.

The statement was released in the wake of criticism by students and the rector of the university, Odysseas Zoras, according to which authorities had delayed in paying out compensation for the blaze.

The sum of 184,000 — 2,000 euros for 92 students — has been paid out over the past two weeks, the ministry said, calling on the university management to "overcome whatever bureaucratic hurdles are in the way" to disburse the money.

Speaking to Skai earlier in the day, Zoras said the money has been earmarked by the ministry but not disbursed as the decision has not yet been published in the Government Gazette.