Rouvikonas party plans force faculty shutdown


With the anarchist group Rouvikonas said to be planning a party on Wednesday to “inaugurate” a room it has been occupying at Athens University’s School of Philosophy for the past few weeks, Kathimerini understands that the faculty will shut to stop the event going ahead.

Meanwhile academics have expressed their growing exasperation at the presence of the anti-establishment vandals on the campus.

Rouvikonas, which has been holding meetings for students in Room 516 of the faculty on Wednesdays, is today said to be planning a party with rebetiko music at the venue. 

In comments to Kathimerini, history professor Maria Efthimiou called on the state to “assume its political responsibilities” and stop the occupation by the anarchist group, which has drawn a student following.

Meanwhile the university’s rector, Thanos Dimopoulos, said the anarchists’ presence is obstructing preparations for events to mark the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence.