Storm ‘Penelope’ brings floods and landslides in central, southern Greece


The arrival of a storm system dubbed Penelope has brought gusty winds, intense rainfall and flooding in several parts of Greece.

So far, the weather system has mainly affected central regions and the Peloponnese, with the biggest problems recorded at the mountainous region of Agrafa, in the regional unit of Evrytania.

Several landslides were reported at the bridge of Paleokaria, blocking the roads leading to three villages.

Further west in Agrinio, streams in the village of Zevgaraki overflowed, flooding houses and roads.

“We flooded again and we cannot enter our houses. Those responsible for this situation are hiding, because they neglected to clean streams, build the roads and do the necessary works for a year,” a resident of Zevgaraki told a local news website.

“We are drowning but they don’t care. They will only remember us in the elections,” he added.

Landslides and flooding were also recorded in the regional units of Ilia and Arcadia.

According to the Greek weather service, rains and local storms will continue on Wednesday, hitting mostly the southern and later the northern Aegean.

However, the main feature will be the gradual change of wind direction to northeastern from early in the morning, which will gradually rise to 8-9 on the Beaufort scale, as well as a significant drop in temperature.

Snowfall is forecast in central and northern mountainous regions.