Posidonia fosters meetings and contacts that lead to major deals

Posidonia 2004 brought in more than $40 million to Greece. In the form of events, hotel rooms rented, cars and boats hired, and services offered, more than 1,700 exhibitors and a number of shipping businesses gave the Greek economy a significant boost. And the agreements that were reached in the dealing rooms or in hotel suites amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars as Posidonia is a good opportunity for meetings, contacts, discussions and introductions, many of which lead to major deals. A brilliant event This year’s Posidonia, a totally successful test event for the Olympic Games, was a brilliant occasion, with Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis cutting the ribbon at the opening. Many countries participated, including Japan, the United States, Korea, Norway, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and China. The countries of the Far East are thought to have done best at this year’s Posidonia, judging by the number of visitors to their pavilions and the number of meetings they held with shipping company representatives. There was also much activity at the stands of companies involved in environmental protection and at those of Greek banks, which are starting to show more interest in shipping.