Three million deaths a year due to air pollution

* Twelve percent of the world’s population is responsible for 60 percent of private consumption. * Expenditure on private consumption has quadrupled since 1960. * In a single day we consume as many natural resources as a person living 200 years ago used to consume in a whole year. * More than 90 percent of the water used on the planet goes to humans, leaving little for the needs of ecosystems. * Fifty percent of the world’s wetlands have been lost, while 20 percent of plants and animals are at risk, under threat of extinction, or already extinct. * Every year 2.4 percent of the world’s forests (equal to an area of 90,000 square kilometers) is lost. In Africa the figure rises to 7 percent. * In North America the per capita output of greenhouse gas emissions every year comes to 5.5 metric tons. * More than 3 million people lose their lives every year because of the effects of air pollution. * If photovoltaic cells were installed on the roofs of residential buildings, Greece could obtain one third of its energy requirements from solar energy.