Websites of most Greek politicians are not secure


The websites of most Greek politicians are not secure, according to a survey conducted by UK company Comparitech.

The technology-research company surveyed 7,500 personal websites belonging to politicians in 37 countries around the globe and found that 71 percent of those in Greece lacked basic HTTPS encryption – used for secure communication over the internet.

More specifically, the company said that almost half of politicians in Greece have their own websites and that 70.89 percent –112 out of 158 – of these are not secure.

Websites of New Democracy politicians were the worst in terms of security, with 85.19 percent of them deemed insecure compared to 61.76 percent of websites belonging to SYRIZA politicians.

All the websites of politicians belonging to extreme-right Golden Dawn party, Independent Greeks (ANEL) and the Democratic Left were deemed insecure.