Racket sold nearly 3.3 million euros’ worth of knock-off sneakers


Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) investigators are working with a courier company to ascertain the exact size of a knock-off sneaker racket that is believed to have sold at least 3.27 million euros’ worth of merchandise to consumers in Greece.

Investigators started unraveling the gang after intercepting a cargo container at the port of Piraeus on September 20 that contained nearly 8,000 pairs of shoes that came from China and bore the logos of the popular sportwear brands Nike and Adidas.

The value of that shipment alone has been estimated at over a million euros.

The haul gave SDOE much-needed evidence into the activities of the racket, which reportedly advertised authentic sneakers at bargain prices on social media platforms like Facebook and allowed buyers to pay on delivery.

The racket is believed to have been active for at least two years before SDOE shut it down on October 9.