Fines for smoking violations to be increased this month


The government is currently drafting a joint ministerial decision ensuring stricter fines for violations of the anti-smoking law which will officially go into effect on November 19.

The fines currently in place were introduced a decade ago when the first anti-smoking legislation was passed into law and are not considered tough enough by authorities.

The current fine for people who violate smoking rules in cafes, bars and restaurants is 50 euros but that is expected to be doubled or even tripled.

Moreover, the decision will also stipulate that 20 percent of revenues from fines will go to the Citizens’ Protection Ministry, which, according to Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias, will make this amount available to police so that the force can upgrade its equipment with new bulletproof vests, uniforms and other items.

Kikilias said the ministerial decision will be issued before November 19.