Probe into condemned private clinic in full swing


A judicial investigation into a private Athens clinic that was shut down following a coronavirus outbreak last week was in full swing on Tuesday, as a fourth patient from the facility died of Covid-19 earlier in the day.

Police started seizing documents and patient files from the facility, while sources said that an official from the National Organization for Public Health (EODY) is expected to present to a prosecutor the agency’s findings on any possible health and sanitation protocol breaches at the clinic in the western Athens suburb of Peristeri.

A separate report from the National Transparency Committee is also expected to shed light on any lapses or oversights that may have led to the outbreak at the facility, where at least 37 people have tested positive for coronavirus.

The judicial probe is being overseen by top Athens prosecutor Evangelos Ioannidis and may lead to criminal charges being brought against members of the clinic’s management and staff.

An 84-year-old man who had been transferred from the clinic to Athens’ NIMTS Navy Hospital became the fourth patient from the Peristeri facility to die, bringing Greece’s Covid-19 death toll to 138 on Tuesday.