E-vehicles approved for pedestrianized network


The Municipality of Athens has given the green light for electric vehicles, cars and scooters to enter the planned pedestrianized networks in the so-called Commercial Triangle of Athens and the iconic area of Plaka, where the use of private cars will be prohibited – with exceptions.

“We want to encourage e-mobility, and in the areas where there will be traffic regulations and the circulation of private cars will be prohibited, the use of electric vehicles will be allowed,” Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis told a House committee on environmental protection on Friday, referring to the project which is scheduled to begin in pilot form this month and dubbed the Grand Walk.

Bakoyannis added that 30 vehicle-charging stations are already being prepared, while the intention is for the parking for electric cars to be free.

The plan is the most extensive intervention in the capital since the end of the last decade.