Rules unveiled for student transfers to major unis


In an effort aimed at stemming a steady rise in recent years in transfers of first-year students to Greece’s major universities, which has overburdened them, the Education Ministry on Friday announced which departments of the country’s universities will allow transfers in the new academic year.

Accordingly, university departments of different speeds are being formed in terms of transfers.

More specifically, most of the new departments that will operate in the provinces will not allow transfers of first-year students to departments of major universities.

In addition, as of September, there will be a “transfer base” for any one student to move from one university to another which has been set at 2,750 points below the admission base of each department.

For example, a student interested in transferring to the Computer Science Department of the National Technical University of Athens, whose entrance base in 2019 was 18,314 points, should have 15,564 points.