Expert confirms Mionis-Pappas conversation recording not tampered with


Businessman Sabby Mionis has submitted to Parliament a report from an independent expert confirming that an audio file of a 2016 conversation the minister of state under the former SYRIZA-led government, Nikos Pappas, has not been tampered with.

The report, which has been confirmed by the Department of Justice, upholds the integrity of the audio file, which Mionis had submitted earlier this month to a parliamentary committee looking into allegations that SYRIZA’s alternate justice minister for corruption, Dimitris Papangelopoulos, had interfered in a judicial investigation of witness claims that 10 prominent politicians had taken bribes from Swiss pharmaceutical firm Novartis.

In the audio file, whose integrity has been challenged by SYRIZA, Pappas is apparently heard during the conversation with Mionis saying that Papangelopoulos was known for having his “own agenda” and “making a lot of money” from backroom deals.