Flouting of health rules high among young people, survey finds


Coronavirus safety measures in Greece are being flouted mainly by young people, men and people living in cities other than Athens, according to a recent survey.

Conducted by market research and polling firm Qed from July 15-18, the survey found that 51% of its 500 respondents admitted to being lax about implementing the recommendations of health authorities. The rate came to 58% among male respondents and 45% among female ones.

In terms of age groups, the worst culprits were 15-23-year-olds, who admitted to ignoring health safety rules at a rate of 74%. The rate was also high among 24-39-year-olds at 64%, dropping to 54% in the 40-55 age group and 33% in the 55-75 bracket.

Geographically, Athens had the highest rate of compliance, with just 44% percent of respondents living in the Greek capital saying that they are lax about health safety.