Circe weather system to bring storms, hail and Saharan dust


A low-pressure system dubbed Circe by the National Observatory’s Meteo weather service is expected to bring powerful storms and high winds to many parts of Greece on Wednesday.

Circe will be hitting the southwest early in the day, before spreading east and taking its showers and storms across the Peloponnese to Attica, the Thessaly plain, Evia and on to the islands of the Aegean. It is also expected to hit Eastern Macedonia, Thrace and the northern and eastern Aegean by Wednesday afternoon.

Apart from the likelihood of hail, the weather system is also expected to bring large quantities of dust from the Sahara, Meteo reported on Tuesday.

Meteo also warned that while Circe’s passage will be brief, it is also expected, like its Homeric namesake, to be quite violent in parts.