KTEL bus scheme taking root in Athens transport


The introduction of privately operated KTEL intercity buses into the capital’s public transportation system appears to be taking root, decreasing the wait of hundreds of commuters.

According to recent figures from the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA), 108 KTEL buses have been inducted into 33 routes so far. That number is expected to reach 200 by the end of the month, bolstering 60 routes. The majority of these routes are so-called peripheral ones, meaning they do not serve densely populated parts of the city.

OASA has a two-year deal with Attica’s KTEL company, which foresees privately operated buses covering a total of around 17 million vehicle kilometers. Of the 200 vehicles KTEL will contribute to the urban transport map, 164 are regular 12-meter buses, 30 are 18-meter articulated buses, and six are smaller people-carriers of 8 meters in length.