New opinion poll gives ND 17-point lead over SYRIZA


New Democracy maintains a 17-point lead over the leftist opposition SYRIZA party in an opinion poll of voter intentions conducted by Pulse on behalf of Skai TV.

According to projections based on expected valid votes, ND was favored by 40% against 23% for SYRIZA. The Movement for Change was third with 7%, ahead of the Communist Party (KKE) on 6%, Greek Solution on 5% and MeRA25 on 3%. 

Tellingly, only three in 10 of those polled expect that sanctions will be imposed on Turkey at the December 10 summit of European Union leaders. 

More specifically, just 5% of respondents said they are certain that sanctions will be imposed on Turkey, and another 25% said they expect this will most likely be the case. In contrast, 46% said that sanctions are not likely and 16% said they were confident that there will be no sanctions on Ankara.